Pattern Inspiration for FF collection!

Pattern Inspo

As we're nearing the release date of the Flower Fairies Collection, I thought I'd throw together a blog with all the knitting and crochet patterns that I believe would work really nicely with colourways from this collection. Check out my previous post for all the FF colourways so you know what I'm talking about!

Knitting Patterns

Soho Blouse by Caidree

Photo @ Caidree 

This is a simple one, but it's so lush! Hold fluff double, either mohair lace or suri silk lace. Use Meadowsweet or Brunnera for a really subtle sweater, or mix it up and use The Pink Fairies on Mohair Fluff for a marled, watercolour look.

Pink Fizz by Andrea Mowry

Photo @ Andrea Mowry

This one is as gorgeous as it is versatile. You can hold fingering (4ply) weight double with lace fluff (i.e. mohair or suri), or you can forgo the fluff and just use Sport weight, which you will be able to order from me in the FF preorder!

Use 'Thistle' for a really deep and dreamy sweater. Or for a similar colourway to the above, mix together Meadowsweet on Merino Singles with Mohair Fluff/Suri Silk Fluff.

Robinia Sweater by Anne Ventzel

Photo @ Anne Ventzel

This one holds many strands of yarn together to create a more marled effect, but you could definitely hold a strand of Aran and a strand of fluff as long as you get gauge! Or freestyle it and choose your three colours to hold together.

I'm feeling Lithodora for this one ;).

Malwina Sweater by Aleksandra Solowianiuk

Photo @ Aleksandra Solowianiuk

This is so gorgeous - just look at that sleeve detail! This one would be beautiful with either a variegated colourway or a tonal alike, but to get the best out of those sleeves, I would use a tonal. Use Wisteria for a pastel violet sweater, or if you want something a little more Autumnal, use Canna Lily.

Hug Shot by Casapinka

Photo @ Casapinka

Casapinka shawls are absolutely perfect for bringing out the contrast between a variegated and a solid. I would pair The Phlox Fairy with Dianthus for one fabulous contrast.

Fairy Bouquet by Joanna Ang

Photo @ Joanna Ang

This is fabulous. Pair The Forget Me Not Fairy with Meadowsweet or Brunnera on Suri for the fluffiest fluffy sweater you've ever seen.

Pressed Flowers Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

Photo @ Amy Christoffers

I'm so excited to finally be holding Sport weight, naturally I'm suggesting lots of patterns with it! This pattern uses Spincycle, but it'd be just as delightful in hand dyed yarn. Pop one of the variegated colourways on the underside, and use a tonal as the main colour. Thinking The Sweet Pea Fairy paired with Wisteria.

Dot Sweater - Adult by Pernille Larson

Photo @ Pernille Larson

I've had this one on my Rav queue for ages but now is the time for it to come out of hiding. Use the mini skein sets for a fabulously colourful sweater in DK. or you could buy one of each tonal with a fluff and repeat your stripes.

Big Rib Sweater by Jessie Maed Designs

Photo @ Jessie Maed Designs

How lovely is this? Knit it up in some fluffs and you'll be cosy all through the Spring. Obviously Meadowsweet would give you the most accurate result for the sample used by the designer, however, I also think Lithodora would be DELIGHTFUL.

The Travel Sweater by Tif Neila

Photo @ Tif Neilan

This pattern holds DK with suri, so I can only imaging the dreamy softness to this. Use MCN for extra plumpyness.

Cargill Sweater by Rebecca Clow

Photo @ Rebecca Clow

This one can be knitted in any weight from DK to sport to 4ply held double. I think it would be delicious using The Narcissus Fairy for a subtle look with a little sprinkling of burnt orange.

Evolving by Rachel Illsey

Photo @ Rachel Illsey

I love this designer so much. And the subtle details on this sweater are absolutely stunning. This one simply uses 4ply/fingering weight, but I think it would be particularly good in Mohair Singles - maybe The Forget me Not Fairy.

Ola Sweater by Irene Lin

Photo @ Irene Lin

The sleeves. The sleeves. Use Canna Lily or Thistle for a really gorgeous neutral.

Koi Tee by Gingko B.

Photo @ Gingko B.

A simple yet elegant crop! I'd love this in a neutral colourway, so Wisteria is high up on the list. Use Merino Singles for a plumpy, soft look.

Summer Sorrel by Wool & Pine Designs

Photo @ Wool & Pine

Use a variegated colourway for this one!! The Sweet Pea Fairies colourway is an ideal candidate.

241-2 Sweet Spring by DROPS Design

Photo @ DROPS design

This one holds fluff double. Isn't it delightful? A paler colourway would obviously be more gorgeous for Spring, but for a perfect all-rounder, I'd recommend Meadowsweet.

Crochet Patterns

Mosaic Jumper by Nomad Stitches

Photo @ Nomad Stitches

I've had my eye on this one for so long. This is a perfect one for all the tonals, which incidentally all look gorgeous together.

Granny Go Round Cardigan by Iron Lamb

Photo @ Iron Lamb

Another perfect one for the tonals! And you could use a variegated colourway for the MC.

Juniper Cowl by Toni Lipsey 

Photo @ Toni Lipsey

The Juniper Cowl uses 10 mini skeins, so why not use The Everything Mini Skein Set!

The Campfire Cardigan by Jess Coppom

Photo @ Make & Do Crew

Pair together any number of tonals on Aran for the squishiest cardigan in the world!

Mesa Hat and Scarf

Photo @ Toni Lipsey

How cool is this set? It uses Aran weight, which is available for every colourway on either 100% merino or MCN.

Captiva Crop by Laura Murphy

Photo @ Laura Murphy

A fabulous summer crochet crop! Or keep crocheting and you'll get a longer T Shirt. This would be amazing in The Winter Jasmine Fairy or The Lavender Fairy!

Confetti DK Pullover Adult by Nomad Stitches

Photo @ Nomad Stitches

Isn't Nomad Stitches so cool? This is one of my favourite Crochet sweaters available on the market, and it uses a lovely DK fade. You could use a fade from: The Lavender Fairy - The Forget Me Not Fairy - The Sweet Pea Fairy - Meadowsweet for a gorgeous faded sweater.

Sea Breeze Tank by Grace Forthethrills

Photo @ Grace Forthethrills

A little DK vest you say? Yes please. Gorgeous for any tonal but I'm picturing Lithodora - you could even wear it over a roll-neck top for extra warmth.


Illustrations from Flower Fairies of the Garden

© The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker 1944

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