Fluffy yarn: What the fluff is it? And more importantly, what can I do with it?


You'll see from my most recent shop update that my production of Suri Silk Fluff has ramped up in recent weeks, mainly for selfish reasons (because I love dyeing it), but also because I think I have neglected it over the Winter and I think it may be time to bring it back. 

So what is it?

Suri wool comes from Suri Alpacas - a shaggy, long-haired alpaca breed. Most alpaca yarns you see that look very similar to normal wool come from Huacaya Alpacas, which have a fuzzy and curly coat like sheep. Alpacas are native to Peru, so most of the alpaca yarn you see will have come from there!

How is it any different to Mohair Fluff?

The main difference here is the density. The Suri Silk Fluff tends to have a larger halo - this is due to the length of the fibres and looseness of the spin with the silk. You'll find that Suri will fill any little gaps you might notice if you use Mohair. 
While the above may be attractive, what I find more attractive is that the Suri doesn't have that unwelcome itchiness that Mohair does! As someone with sensitive skin, I really struggle with Mohair. This may not be the same for all people, but it is commonly preferred by those who struggle with the scratchiness of Mohair fibres.

What can I make with it?

I thought you'd never ask. 

I've compiled some patterns, both knitted and crocheted, that make use of lace-weight fluff such as this. Lots of the patterns I've found use Mohair Silk Lace, but with Suri Silk Lace being the same weight, you can sub it. 

All below pictures are sourced from Ravelry, and a link has been provided. 


Effervescent by Aimee Sher

Photo @ Diana Ascarrunz

The 'Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 40: Spring 2022' is ram-packed with dreamy, fluffy patterns that work perfectly with Suri. It's delightful, quite frankly. The Effervescent jumper by Aimee Sher is no exception. This pattern takes mainly 4ply/fingering/sock weight, with just a ring of fluff around the collar, meaning you'll only need one skein of fluff, no matter which size you use!


Phantom Fuzz by Park&Knit

Photo @ Park Williams

Now isn't this one a pretty little number? Being light and airy, this one can be used throughout the Spring/Summer, and come Winter, you can layer it as a sweater! Park&Knit is also running a KAL from 26th March to 22nd May 2022 with some awesome prizes! Remember to use the hashtag #ParknKnitAlong2022


Aura Sweater by Gingko B

Photo @ Gingko B

Now I have the advantage of recommending this one, because I have knitted it myself! What's more, it was one of the first things I ever knitted. So if you're looking at it thinking: that looks complicated, I can fully assure you that it is not. Once you've watched a few YouTube videos on how to do an icord cast-on/cast-off, it's putty in your hands. Also, the designer for this sweater is really lovely and has a whole plethora of gorgeous patterns to be going at!


Diamonds and Tassels Shawl by Sandra Paul

Photo @ Sandra Paul/Cherry Heart

One of my favourite crochet designers! While this pattern isn't explicitly fluffy, it is lace-weight, which is perfect for Suri Silk Lace. The gaps between stitches will be less defined, but damn will it be warm and cosy!


Calliope by Espace Tricot

Photo @ Espace Tricot

Simple, yet stunning. This sweater is an all-rounder. Perfect pullover for chilly Summer nights and a lovely jumper to have under your Winter coat. This pattern holds fluff double with 4ply/fingering/sock weight yarn, so it'll have that gorgeous halo you get when you hold your yarn double.


Leonora by Pope Vergara

Photo @ Diana Ascarrunz

Got any leftover scraps from other projects? Of course you do, we all do. Get yourself some spangly beads and you're in business to make this!


Celia by Sarah Kay Hartmann

Photo @ Pam Allen

Another one for you crocheters! A lovely small project if you're looking for a quick fix, and lovely for Spring in a nice tonal pastel.


All in all, Suri Silk Fluff is a versatile and very welcome addition to so many projects, and they're SO good for Spring. 

Get yourself some Suri Silk Fluff on my website here.


Liv x

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