What to do with your advent calendar?

It's the end of November and I've kept you waiting for long enough! I'm going to let you all in on my favourite patterns, both knitting and crochet, to use your advent calendar yarn for. Whether you've purchased my advent or an advent from another dyer, I've included pattern suggestions from crochet sock/4ply patterns to DK knitting patterns. 

For a lot of makers, the concept of 24 mini skeins is a tad daunting, especially when you've spent all this money, waited half a year for it to arrive and don't know what to expect when you open it each day! I don't know about you, but I want to make sure I make something memorable with my advent(s!) so I can treasure it for years to come. 


My Instagram saves page is FULL of patterns I want to have a go at. I mean FULL. So it's time to finally share some of the ones I think will be gorgeous with your advent minis. I have the advantage of knowing EXACTLY what will work nicely, having dyed it and all ;).


If you ordered my advent calendar, I *think* it's safe to tell you that the colours of each day can work either as individual colourways OR as a fade. The theme of the advent kept the colour palette very unanimous across the board, but they are all unique and the variation is glorious.


For copyright reasons, I haven't included pictures of each pattern, so just click the link and you can check out the patterns!


Have a look at the patterns I've listed below, and you can get yourself ready for 1st December:


Patterns for knitters



Round and Round Cowl by Crazy Sock Lady Designs


This one is a nice, simple cowl knitted in sock weight yarn, and can be customised to use as much or as little yarn as you like! This is a perfect pattern if you don't want to use all of your advent minis in one project, so you can get a few projects out of your advent! Remember sock yarn goes a long way. 


Dust of Snow Wrap by Helen Stewart from CuriousHandmade


Helen Stewart's designs are always so delicate, and this wrap is just a stunning way to use your advent minis. Use them in a fade or contrast them when you change colour! Either way you will have a beautiful finished product. The pattern holds sock weight yarn together with lace weight fluff, but there is the option to go without the fluff so you don't need to buy more yarn!


Kuschelig by Christian Kimsey


A really simple but effective way to use your advent colours and really show the colours off in all their glory! I probably wouldn't use the colours in a fade for this one so you can get a clear contrast between each beautiful skein. The pattern is written in FOUR different sizes, and one option for using DK weight if you so fancied. 


All My Stitches by Beata Jezek from Hedgehog Fibres


While this is not a mini skein-specific pattern, the option to use your mini skeins instead of the 4 x 100g skeins is absolutely there. As the pattern uses a marled technique, you can very easily fade from mini skein to mini skein - seamlessly! This is a lovely mindful pattern, and the best part is it's freeeee! 



Fantastitch Sweater by Stephen West from Westknits


Well, he had to be included in here somewhere didn't he!


As we all know, Stephen's wacky, bright and adventurous shawls are massively popular in the knitting community. But have you ever tried one of his clothing patterns? Although you likely won't have enough yardage in your advent to complete this entire sweater from mini skeins, it is a perfect one to pepper in your minis in amongst a main contrast colour. Perhaps you could stash dive to find a block colour to go with your minis and get cracking on a wild new jumper!


Bifrost by Cate Carter-Evans from InfiniteTwist


This beautiful drapey shawl is available for free from Infinite Twist! The gorgeous pattern is designed to work with shorter lengths of yarn, hence your mini skeins will be the perfect material to make a flawless and wearable garment to keep your neck warm while we ensure permafrost over the Winter!


The Bubble Cowl by Stephen West from Westknits


Another one for you! This cowl is knit in the round and then seamed together to create a thick, squishy tube. The cowl can be made as a hooded cowl or as an infinity cowl, depending on what mood you're in... 


Patterns for crocheters


Buddy Up Shawl by Lisa Cook from Lisasattik


The beautiful and lovely Lisa recently published this gorgeous free pattern on her Instagram grid as part of her YarnFriendsRock challenge! Using advent minis from last year, this shawl has an 8 row pattern repeat so you can squeeze all your 24 colours in! This is another pattern where you can either fade your colours or randomise them so you get a clean contrast. 


Ziggy Interrupted by Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart

This is such a unique pattern! Apart from the obvious crochet granny squares at the ends of the scarf, you wouldn't know this was crocheted at all! I'm obsessed with the details - particularly those big squishy tassels. The pattern requires 400g of sock/4ply yarn, which is well within your advent quantity, you will just need to get creative with your colour changes!


Granny Stripe Cardigan by Hannah Siegmund


This one needs a bit more yardage than you will have in your advent, but is the perfect project to add your minis to. If you've ordered another advent, try mixing them? Or collect some mini skeins from your stash to combine with your advent to create this masterpiece. It's like a wearable blanket, but the shape is still bloody awesome!


Colour My Life Shawl by Lisa Cook from Lisasattik


Another gorgeous advent mini shawl by Lisa Cook, using 19 different mini skeins with a contrast main colour. The shawl is worked sideways on, and includes instructions on how to adapt the shawl to use DK weight yarn. The sample shown takes 750m of sock yarn, so you'll have plenty left over for other projects!


Crochet Northeasterly by Katy Stevens from IndieYarnClub


An adaptation of the original Northeasterly knitting pattern by Ellie-Alexander Loomis (another one to add to your list!), this pattern is simple and easily adaptable. There are options to make a scarf, baby blanket and full size throw! The best part is, you can include your other mini skeins and create a huuuuge blanket over the next few months/years!


Clamshell Blanket by Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart


Another beautiful DK-weight blanket pattern. The download includes a full blanket pattern, but you can also get just the stitch pattern for free on the website! Although crocheted in aran/worsted weight, you can adapt it to DK weight very easily by adjusting your hook size.


Fairbanks Advent Shawl by Toni Lipsey from TL Yarn Crafts


The Fairbanks Shawl is designed with DK-weight advents in mind! The shawl is perfect for beginners and for more advanced crocheters who want something mindful to work on in those cosy Winter evenings. It is one size in DK weight, and has a finished wingspan of 67 inches! 


Just Feel Festive Shawl by Caleisha Ryan


A simple yet hugely effective cosy shawl! This one, again, is made with advent minis in mind. Although the pattern holds sock yarn double to achieve a DK weight, there is no reason why your DK minis won't work in this shawl! With its lovely granny square repeat, this one is a quick and easy project.


Luna Fade by Natalie from Detroit Knots


The Luna Fade is a beautiful tunisian crochet pattern, and only uses 631m of DK yarn, meaning you'll have some left over to make another project. 

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