What to do with your advent calendar? (2022)

It's the end of November again and it's high time I published another list of lovely patterns I've stumbled across in the last year that will be perfect for the advent this year. Of course, having dyed it, I have the benefit of knowing what will look lovely! 

I've gathered a nice mixture of 4ply/fingering/sock and DK weight patterns for knitters or crocheters. 

Bear in mind that some of these will require all your advent colours, while some won't so you'll have leftovers!

Please note: the pictures below are taken from Ravelry or the website of the designer, and a link has been included for every pattern/photo. All photo rights belong to the designer/photographer. 



Painting Rainbows Shawl by Stephen West

Photo @ Stephen West

I'm putting this one at the top of the list because this is what I'm making with my advent this year! Join me in creating one glorious masterpiece that will really show off the colours in distinct stripes. It's also really easy and therapeutic, which goes a long way when you're cosying in on a December evening.

Chevron Twist Advent Throw and Wrap by Fiona Wardingley

Photo @ Fiona Wardingley

Advent Shawl by Maria G Knits

Photo @ Maria G Knits

Rain or Shine Sweater by Westknits

Photo @ Stephen West


Flora Daze by Laura Dobratz

Photo @ Laura Dobratz

This one uses sock/4ply or DK!

Lullaby by Tincanknits

Photo @ tincanknits

Fairbanks Advent Shawl by Toni Lipsey

Photo @ Toni Lipsey

All Together Now Cowl by Pacific Knit Co

Photo @ Pacific Knit Co



Advent Cowl by Potter and Bloom

Photo @ Potter and Bloom

Crochet Advent Wrap 2021 by Dragon Hill Studio

Photo @ Dragon Hill Studio

Baubles and Berries Wrap by Cherry Heart

Photo @ Cherry Heart

Batternberg Blanket by Cherry Heart

Photo @ Cherry Heart


Macaw Wings Shawl by Andrea Cretu 

Photo @ Andrea Cretu

The Speckled Squares by Jackie Hodson

Photo @ Soul Yarn 


Thanks so much for reading until here. See you next year!

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