Wondering what to make with your hand dyed sock sets?

It's not easy to find a good sock pattern that you can't put down. It's pretty demoralising when you start a project you don't click with, and second sock syndrome is not something to joke about!

As someone who learnt to knit by making socks, I have a little bit of a love for a good pair of socks. I have also crocheted my fair share of socks, so I have included suggestions for both crafts below.

I wanted to write this blog post because not only do I currently have a surplus of sock sets in the shop, but I also run a monthly sock subscription club called the Happy Feet Sock Club, which I don't think many people know about. Every month I dye a colourway for my subscribers (or one-off purchasers!) that comes with a 20g mini skein that compliments/contrasts with the full skein - it's lots of fun for me and hopefully a lovely surprise for you when it lands on your doorstep each month ready to make a new pair of socks!

Now, there are of course thousands of gorgeous sock patterns out there. You need only to filter down to socks in Ravelry to know that. But I have chosen sock patterns that (generally) take a contrast colour as well as the main colourway, and have found ones that have a pretty good reputation! I have also highlighted where I have actually made them myself, so I can whole-heartedly recommend them. 

Please note: the pictures below are taken from Ravelry, and a link has been included for every pattern/photo. All photo rights belong to the designer/photographer. 

I'm So Basic Socks by Summer Lee Designs

Photo @ Summer Lee

I thought I'd start with my go-to pattern for a simple pair of socks. This pattern has all the basic instructions you need to make a perfect pair of socks - and it's freeeee!

Check it out

Kitty Cuffs Socks by Anna Lange

Photo @ Anna Lange

Cat people, this one is for you! Some super simple colourwork, perfect for beginners and perfect for your sock sets.

Check it out

Dustland Socks by Stephen West

Photo @ Stephen West

These are a relatively new design, and although they're knitted in one solid colour here, there's no reason why you can't pop a contrast cuff on these babies! 

A lovely textured sock, and we all know Stephen knows how to design stuff so it should be a fairly safe pattern to use!

Check it out

Hello Sailor Sock Set by Summer Lee Designs

Photo @ Summer Lee

Another one that I have tried and tested! This is a lovely collection of a diverse range of socks. They're a joy to knit and so many different techniques to try.

Check it out

Mint Tea Socks by Debbie Ford

Photo @ Debbie Ford

A lovely pair of elegant socks with a contrast toe, heel and cuff. Lace socks are perfect for putting under a cute pair of shoes.

Check it out

Reverie by Allison Lutes

Photo @ Diana Ascarrunz

These are from the awesome 'Dreamscapes' edition of the Pom Pom magazine, which is quite literally the best book of patterns I have ever purchased. Even though it's more pricey because you're buying the whole magazine edition, you do get all of the other gorgeous patterns to go at. 

Check it out

Hirondelles by Tisserin Coquet

Photo @ Tisserin Coquet

An unusual way to use your contrast colour, but equally as effective!

Check it out

Icinkles by Renee Strouts

Photo @ Renee Strouts 

This is really, really pretty. And I think the contrast heel and cables would look even more beautiful with a crisp contrast!

Check it out

Magdalen Socks by Vicki Brown Designs

Photo @ Vicki Brown

Now we're onto crochet socks, I thought I'd kick it off with my favourite crochet sock designer, Vicki Brown. Vicki has a wide range of pretty crochet sock patterns, and even has a crochet sock book, which I myself own!

Check it out

Get Up and Go Spiral Socks by Lori Adams

Photo @ Lori Adams

A lovely way to use a sock set, making sure you get a clear, crisp contrast on this one.

Check it out

Riley Socks by Joanne Scrace

Photo @ Kat Goldin

Although the sample here is crocheted in a solid colour, there's no reason why you can't turn that cuff into something completely contrasting!

Check it out

The Alice Sock by Yarn Over Floyd

Photo @ Yarn Over Floyd

These are fun! I love all the contrasts in this one. They'd be so cute under trainers.

Check it out

Classic Socks by The Stitchery and Co

Photo @ Allison Clark

These look very much like the crochet version of Summer Lee's classic socks! They're perfect for beginners and, to me, look indistinguishable from knitted socks.

Check it out

Hop Socks by Vicki Brown Designs

Photo @ Vicki Brown

Another Vicki masterpiece! I have crocheted these socks and they're super simple and very satisfying. 

Check it out

Wanderer Socks by Julme Conradie

Photo @ Julme Conradie

Ending on a very pink high, these socks are GORGEOUS! The stripey sole is genius.

Check it out

Don't forget to order your own sock set, or subscribe to the Happy Feet Club here.

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