UK small batch hand-dyed yarn company

My name is Liv, and I'm the very proud owner of The Wool Shed. Having been a novice crocheter from a very young age, I am no stranger to that warm, squishy feeling you get when you find THAT yarn!

Crochet and I found each other again when I was experiencing extreme anxiety during my final years at school, encouraged by my lovely mum, Sophie. I can safely say crochet has helped me immeasurably with coping with mental illness, and I preach the value of crafting to all those who are struggling, no matter what that craft may be.

I started The Wool Shed out of (you guessed it), my garden shed, which I'm pleased to say is now bright pink and full of squishy yarn! I strive to create cheerful, yummy yarns, whilst ensuring the fibres are all derived from ethical sources. 

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